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About Walid

Walied Ibrahim is the Founder of SAMA Elite Academy (SEA), a leading human performance & training company specialized in helping individuals and people in organizations achieve their highest potential through maximizing their performance. Walied's goal is to inspire, motivate and help you realize your highest potential and achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

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  • Ahmed Shaarawy
    "I've had a lot of distractions in my life. And after I attended the training of "Success And Mental Attitude" I got the power to stop most of these distractions and to change a lot of bad habits like procrastination. It helped me to discover my capabilities and to know how to re-program my mind and how to live a balanced life. I really thank and appreciate the big effort and the hard work of Walid and I hope to see everyone in the planet earth teaches like him".
    Ahmed Shaarawy Director of operations, Seven Corners company LTD.
  • Shady El Gohary
    "For those who struggle in their business andor personal lives, this is a must attend seminar. What a very powerful day that was full of amazing transformational information. I discovered and learned how to really "keep going" in my life despite of any challenges one might face. I'd really like to thank you Walid for this training"
    Shady El Gohary Country Manager, Hero
  • Mohamed Raoof
    Dear Walied,
    I wish you all the success and progress in your life. And I'd really like to thank you for this very powerful and useful training which I'm sure will help me change many aspects in my life


    Mohamed Raoof K.A. Sales Supervisor, Fakieh Paultry Farms

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The Ultimate Achievement

Learn how to get the life you deserve

Why do some people massively succeed in life while others are failing miserably? I've been looking for an answer for that question for almost a decade now. And through intensive focus on the area of Human Performance, Psychology & NLP I figured out an answer that shifted every aspect of my life. In The Ultimate Achievement experience you'll discover a new world of possibilities for yourself and the beloved ones. No matter how long you've been stuck in any area of your life; health, wealth, business or personal relationships, this program will help you get over your life's toughest challenges and will guide you in designing and start living the life you've been always dreaming of.

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On-Demand Online Courses

Walid's World-Class training programs can now be delivered online

Don't have enough time for commuting? prefer to learn at your own pace? want to repeat the courses for so many times so that the new empowering knowledge is totally absorbed by your mind? Well..... Now you can get 24/7 full access to my training programs and you can watch the videos, do the homework and start changing the quality of your life from anywhere in the world.

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One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Personal & Professional One-On-One Coaching Session with Walid

There's nothing that can help you get the results you want faster and easier than hiring a coach. Every extraordinary successful man and woman in human history realized the power of having a private coach. And now it's your turn. If you want to hire me as your private coach, please click the button below now.

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Get our FREE weekly empowering videos and updates

Delivered directly to your email address